The Bird signs are there for a reason. Please do not approach the nesting birds closer than 6 meters. The foot fall is having a devastating effect on the bird population. Should visitors see photographers not obeying the signs please explain to them that they are killing the birds and to use their lens instead of their feet.  If things do not improve with the bird population due to the current foot fall we will be forced to close the island to visitors.



18th - 24th April 2009

The spring migration was good, with a total of 70 bird species recorded during the week, and just over 300 migrants netted and ringed. The rarest bird recorded was a Subalpine Warbler, and some scarce species included Grasshopper Warblers, Redstarts and a Black Redstart.

We counted over 50 Grey Seals, mainly hauled out at Sebber, and also saw/heard Pygmy Shrews. The new Cormorant colony has increased to 187 nests and by mid-April there were already many half-grown chicks -- a much earlier season than 2008.

The Guillemots and Razorbills arrived in force during the week, and the first Razorbill eggs were laid before we left.

The Gannets continue to increase and spread. Subject to checking some photographs, the numbers (including Makestone) are now just over 3,000 pairs. And there's plenty of suitable space for continuing expansion!

Oscar Merne            




January 2008 saw the publication of the AIRMAN, the latest novel by Eoin Colfer. The story is set on the Great Saltee.




2007 brought the biggest visual change to the Great Saltee. This rock connecting the island to one of the seven heads collapsed over night.


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On the 7th August 2005 a sponsored tandem parachute jump took place for the first and only time on the Great Saltee. This was in aid of the RNLI and was organised by Paul Neale. Paul not only organised this event but also very bravely did the jump!!

The jump was from a height of 8000 feet. The weather was excellent and over 8200 was donated to the RNLI. Many thanks to all the generous sponsors.


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